How become a Member?

Being a member of the church means being part of the body of Christ in our local church. We firmly believe that being a member of church is a need for a true Christian and also a requisite for participating and serving in the different ministries of the church (Listen to the message Why church membership?). If God has arranged in your heart that Petra is your church and you wish to have a bigger commitment to Christ and the church, we encourage you to grow and follow this process:

High Impact Services 

Each Sunday we gather with only one purpose: Glorifying the name of God through prayer, offerings, preaching of His Word and prayer. The first step to become a member of the church is to attend with regularity to the services and rejoice in the Lord with us.

Guests’ Reception

If you are visiting for the first time or you are new to the church, this is the way for you to know more about Petra: Every Sunday, after the services, at the end of the hallway you will find a Welcome table where you will be able to meet members and leaders of the church and we will be able to get to know you too.

Small Groups (for new people)

It is one of the most essential steps in order to get involved in a deeper way with your brothers and sisters.

The small group is an uncommon community, with the purpose of sharing together the message heard each Sunday and how we apply it to our lives. We pray for each other and we also help, encourage, take care, and urge each other.

Small groups for new people meet once a week at Petra Center, if you are not part of a small group yet, we encourage you to join one.

Basic Doctrine Classes 

The Basic Doctrine class is extremely important. Not only will you get to know the doctrinal bases of our church, but also our values. We encourage you to know God, there is nothing more important, and this is a small first step for a journey that will last all eternity.

Good News (Interview)

It is an interview with one of the Church’s pastors or elders where we talk about the message of the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and you can also share any doubts or questions you have related to the Church.

Constant Discipleship (SG)

It is a process that starts since you join a small group for new people. After the interview with the elders, you can join a small group for members.

Active Service (SG)

Once you join one of these small groups, you can start serving in the different ministries according to the abilities, talents, and gifts that God has given you. This is essential for the edification of the church.





Join us every Sunday at 9:15 am or 11:00 am


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