Financial stewardship

The love of God is what should motivate every Christian to give to Him with joy and gratitude in your hearts, in response to his love demonstrated at its finest on the Cross of Calvary; Jesus Christ his only Son.

God is the giver of all

God is good, He is the source of all good. (Psalm 34: 8; 145:. 9; James 1: 17; Acts 14:17..) Examples:

1. For forty years God led Israel through the wilderness and never lacked anything. He is faithful. (Dt 29: 5).

2. He gave His Son to die in your place, He forgive you, adopted as a child, He gave you His salvation, does not give you what you deserve (eternity in hell); gives as His goodness. (Eph. 1: 3-14).

Why give? Because it is an act of worship to Christ.

God is our provision. If you do not know that God is the giver of all, you still thinking of yourself to meet your needs. Do you trust somebody who you does not know? Do you know God? Are you trust in Him without knowing Him? Would you put the administration of your finances in the hands of God ?..

It is important to know God to trust completely in Him.

Biblical Principles of Finance

» Make a family finances plan(1 Tim. 5: 8)

» Give to the Lord (1 Cor 16: 2; Prov.3. 9; 2 Cor 8: 7.)

» Stay out of debt (Rom 13: 8; Prov. 22: 7.)

» Be Diligent, not Lounger (Prov. 6: 6-11)

» Give generously and gladness of heart (2 Cor. 8: 1-15)

As a disciple of quality your finances should be in order.



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